Julian Harding

Designer and Creator


Julian has been involved in the jewellery industry in Christchurch for over 40 years and has a well-earned reputation as a skilled craftsman, both as a designer and creator of fine jewellery.  He also repairs, alters and remodels any jewellery.  Running his own, successful business for over 17 years has cemented this reputation.

Julian enjoys specialising in designing and subsequent hand-making of unique pieces of jewellery, capturing the true essence of his customers.



Julian has been involved in the Christchurch jewellery industry for over 40 years and has a well-earned reputation as a skilled craftsman - both as an innovative designer and as a creator, and repairer, of fine jewellery.

In 2006, Julian won the accolade of 'Accessories Designer' in the Canterbury Fashion Awards.

Julian has always enjoyed designing and making unique jewellery pieces which capture the true essence of his customers. By providing a personal touch, Julian is genuine in his approach to serving his client's needs.

Re-modelling and restoration (repair work included) is what Julian loves most. It keeps his skill level current and his creative mind active. He can repair anything from a teapot to a tiara!


I throughly enjoyed having our wedding rings made by Julian. It was exciting and enjoyable being involved in the design process ending in unique pieces of jewellery. Julian was so easy to work with, he had great ideas, paid attention to detail and at no stage did I feel under any pressure. I get many comments from people saying that I have beautiful wedding rings which is even more flattering because I know I was involved in designing them.

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Rachel Turner

I have been in the jewellery sales trade for a total of 23 years. Within this time I have been trained to identify metals, and have a good knowledge base of diamonds along with other stones. I enjoy meeting with people and listening to what Julian suggests and recommends as a professional. It feels like a real sense of achievement when clients come in with a very basic idea, to seeing them walk out the door with this amazingly beautiful piece of jewellery that they fall in love with. I enjoy helping people and making them feel comfortable about the decisions they are making. I hope to have many years ahead in this rewarding industry.