REMAKE or remodel jewellery from $1000

Why do we keep that broken, worn chain? Or that single stud earring? Because the sentiment has more worth than the dollar amount. It’s just a shame that neither of these pieces can be worn. This is where remaking or remodeling comes in to play.

Julian can walk you through the steps of taking those old, worn and broken pieces of jewellery and turn them in to something you can wear with pride for many years to come.

The process is simple and stress-free. From the beginning of sketch and design, through to the metal creation, then stone setting, you will be part of the process from start to finish. No nasty surprises!

Julian will always listen to your needs and be mindful of your history with the jewellery because first and foremost, you the client, must be 100% satisfied with the outcome.

The photos to the left show the before and after results and you’d be surprised how cost effective the process was for this very happy client.